Second Grade Scientists

Boys and Girls,

It was so exciting to see all of you making observations on our experiment today and recording your results as scientists would!  Now that you were all able to comment on a classmate’s blog page today, I am anxious to see if more of you begin typing posts at home!

Happy Snow and Happy Blogging!

Miss Fitzgerald 🙂


Boys and Girls,

A few years ago in a class I was taking, I was given a similar assignment to create a poem about where I’m from.  My poem is a bit different from the ones you all created but still relates to our central idea of how our personal history and culture define who we are and how we express ourselves.


Where I’m From

I am from a family of all brown eyes but one.
From Pennsylvania, Illinois and Massachusetts.

I am from sweet potato casserole, (if you’re lucky).
From crochet and Bache ball games in the back yard.

I am from lying in bed with Dad, listening to Camintino bedtime stories.
From biking down the old train tracks together and breaking to split a yoohoo.

I am from laughing to the same home videos over and over.
From dancing in front of the fire to Charlie Brown’s Christmas and decorating our self-cut tree.

I am from the incredible memories I keep close of Kolika,
From losing her and then meeting again at her spot in Hawaii.

In the safety of my mind is where these stay,
organized and protected,
for me to reach in and enjoy the scenes
over and over again.


My First Blogging Experience

Hello everyone!

This is not only my first post, but my first experience exploring and using a blog probably just like many of you!

I am excited to learn more about navigating around our blog together and reading your posts and work that will be posted here! 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Miss Fitzgerald